Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can chiropractic help me?  

If you have a spine, then Dr. Forgeron can help you.  Whether or not you are a candidate for chiropractic care can only be determined after completing a comprehensive, past medical history interview, and a thorough examination.  If Dr. Forgeron cannot help you, then he can suggest an appropriate alternative or medical provider.  The first step is to request an appointment.  

How much does chiropractic care cost?  

Great question!  We are very transparent about all of our charges on our fee schedule.  In fact, we even publish it online for the whole world to see.  Dr. Forgeron prefers to communicate costs upfront, instead of surprising patients on the back end with an unexpected bill.  Dr. Forgeron and his billing staff make every effort to ensure chiropractic is affordable for anybody, any budget.  Understand different insurance plans may have different coverage levels, which must be checked through a proper and thorough insurance verification.  We usually report the results to patients on our second visit, after our billing specialists contact your insurance company.  Legally, providers must attempt to collect insurance deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance.  Financial hardship qualification must be proven by providing supporting documentation:  (tax returns, pay stubs, personal budget, signed statement of hardship).   

What do I have or what is my diagnosis?  

Dr. Forgeron does not own a crystal ball that can predict your future condition.  After performing a history, examination and reviewing diagnostic examination findings, then Dr. Forgeron can offer his professional opinion.  Dr. Forgeron, a chiropractor, has diagnosed patients with a variety of different conditions such as breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, ulcers, kidney stones, etc.  If you have a condition outside the scope of chiropractic, then we can help you find the right provider through a referral.  The most common conditions Dr. Forgeron sees are neck pain, middle back pain, lower back pain, headaches, arm and leg pain.  Dr. Forgeron was one of the pioneering first chiropractors in the country to be considered a primary care chiropractic physician, and he has 20 years of clinical experience.  He was also one of the first chiropractors in the country to be on staff at an orthopaedic group, and worked well in an integrated setting.  

What treatments do I need?  

We base our treatment recommendations on an individual basis.  There are different levels of care based on the presenting issue.  We set both short and long term goals in an effort to help patients achieve excellent outcomes.  We use guideline backed treatments for acute injury care.  Both Dr. Forgeron, and his wife, Dr. Maryam, are trained in a technique known as Chiropractic Bio-Physics (CBP), which is a well researched posture correction method.  Both have also studied non-force techniques, such as Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, which makes chiropractic safe for infants or elderly patients.  Dr. Forgeron is also a certified and licensed acupuncturist, so that is another treatment option for his patients.     

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